Purple Heart

I know they are there. World War II stuff you can buy online, but not that there are that many. And not with such personal value either. At home I have all my grandfather's medals. They remind me of his wartime past. But also the sacrifices he made and the demons and problems he faced after the war.

Coincidentally, I stumbled upon a Purple Heart from an American soldier online. I wonder. How would I like it if my grandfather's stuff were online? Sold to an unknown. Gone forever from the family. I decide to buy the medal and return it to the family. The search becomes an emotional journey that takes me to the other side of the world.

Historiography is often about the great battles and generals and rarely about the 'ordinary' soldiers. This is a tribute to those who never made it into the history books at school, but should just as well not be forgotten. With this story we hope to inspire others to follow our example and return lost belongings of soldiers to their families.

Producer: Doerak Film
Director: Jeroen van den Kroonenberg
Camera: Stefan Thoolen
Grading & audio: Rico Derks
Edit: Doerak Film
Graphics: Patrick Klein Meuleman